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Australian Horse Of The Year Awards
2005-06  Makybe Diva  7yoM  Desert King - Tugela (Riverman)  Lee Freedman 
2004-05  Makybe Diva  6yoM  Desert King - Tugela (Riverman)  Lee Freedman 
2003-04  Lonhro  5yoH  Octagonal - Shadea (Straight Strike)  John Hawkes 
2002-03  Northerly  6yoG  Serheed - North Bell (Bellwater)  Fred Kersley 
2001-02  Sunline  6yoM  Desert Sun - Songline (Western Symphony)  Trevor McKee 
2000-01  Sunline  5yoM  Desert Sun - Songline (Western Symphony)  Trevor McKee 
1999-00  Sunline  4yoM  Desert Sun - Songline (Western Symphony)  Trevor McKee 
1998-99  Might And Power  5yoG  Zabeel - Benedicton (Day Is Done)  Jack Denham 
1997-98  Might And Power  4yoG  Zabeel - Benedicton (Day Is Done)  Jack Denham 
1996-97  Saintly  4yoG  Sky Chase - All Grace (Sir Tristram)  Bart Cummings 
1995-96  Octagonal  3yoC  Zabeel - Eight Carat (Pieces Of Eight)  John Hawkes 
1994-95  Jeune  6yoH  Kalaglow - Youthful (Green Dancer)  David Hayes 
1993-94  Mahogany  3yoG  Last Tycoon - Alshandegha (Alydar)  Lee Freedman 
1992-93  Veandercross  4yoG  Crossways - Lavender (Super Gray)  John Wheeler 
1991-92  Let's Elope  4yoM  Nassipour - Sharon Jane (Sir Tristam)  Bart Cummings 
1990-91  Better Loosen Up  5yoG  Loosen Up - Better Fantasy (Better Bot)  David Hayes 
1989-90  Almaarad  7yoH  Ala Mana Mou - Silk Blend (Busted)  Colin Hayes 
1988-89  Research  3yoF  Imperial Prince - Outing (Boucher)  Clarry Connors 
1987-88  Beau Zam  3yoC  Zamazaan - Belle Cherie (Sovereign Edition)  Geoff Murphy 
1986-87  Bonecrusher  4yoG  Pag Asa - Imitation (Oakville)  Frank Richie 
1986-87  Placid Ark  3yoC  Arkenstone - Northern Queen (Star Of The North)  Wally Mitchell  
1985-86  Bounding Away  2yo  Biscay - Who Can Say (Sovreign Edition)  Tommy Smith 
1984-85  Red Anchor  4yoG  Sea Anchor - Decoy Girl (Decoy Boy)  Tommy Smith 
1983-84  Emancipation  4yoM  Blethingly - Ammo Girl (Gunsynd)  Neville Begg 
1982-83  Strawberry Road  3yoC  Whisky Road - Giftisa (Rich Gift)  Doug Bougoure 
1982-83  Gurner's Lane  4yoG  Sir Tristam - Taiona (Sovereign Edition)  Geoff Murphy  
1981-82  Rose Of Kingston  3yoF  Claude - Kingston Rose (Better Boy)  Bob Hoysted 
1980-81  Hyperno  7yoG  Rangong - Mikaria (Persian Garden II)  Bart Cummings 
1979-80  Kingston Town  3yoG  Bletchingly - Ada Hunter (Andrea Mantegna)  Tommy Smith 
1978-79  Manikato  3yoG  Manihi - Markato (Natural Bid)  Bob Hoysted 
1977-78  Maybe Mahal  5yoM  Maybe Lad - Faithfully Yours (Todman)  Bart Cummings  
1976-77  Surround  3yoF  Sovereign Edition - Micheline (Le Filou)  Geoff Murphy 
1975-76  Lord Dudley  3yoC  Right Honourable II - Jane Hero (Persian Book)  Bart Cummings 
1974-75  Leilani  4yoM  Oncidium - Lei (Summertime)  Bart Cummings 
1973-74  Taj Rossi  3yoC  Matrice - Dark Queen (Coronation Boy)  Bart Cummings 
1972-73  Dayana  3yoG  Oncidium - Dicidiana (Agricola)  Bart Cummings 
1971-72  Gunsynd  5yoH  Sunset Hue - Woodie Wonder (Newtown Wonder)  Tommy Smith 
1970-71  Gay Icarus  4yoG  Icarus - Gay M'Selle (Bilbao)  Cyril Beachey 
1969-70  Vain  3yoC  Wilkes - Elated (Orgoglio)  Jim Moloney 
1968-69  Rain Lover  4yoH  Latin Lover - Rain Spot (Valognes)  Mick Robins 
The Australian Horse Of The Year Award originally started as the VRC Award and was renamed Australia's Champion Racehorse in 1982. A separate award was voted on between 1976/77 and 1993/4 by the ARMA with the only variations being Gurner's Lane (1982/3) and Bonecrusher (1986/7). The voting bodies combined for 1993/4.

Champion Two-year-old
2005-06  Miss Finland  2yoF  Rodoute's Choice - Forest Pearl (Woodman) 
2004-05  Fashions Afield  2yoF  Rodoute's Choice - Afilar (Wild Again) 
2003-04  Dance Hero  2yoG  Danzero - Gypsy Dancer (Dance Floor) 
2002-03  Hasna 2yoF  Snippets - They Say (Thirty Six Red) 
2001-02  Victory Vein 2yoF  Mr Henrysee - Protective (Opera Prince) 
2000-01  Viscount 2yoC  Quest For Fame - Antwerp (Sir Tristram)  
1999-00  Assertive Lad 2yoG  Zeditate - Sommes Sound (Assert) 
1998-99  Catbird 2yoC  Danehill - Fitting (Marscay) 
1997-98  Dracula 2yoC  Quest For Fame - Awards Ceremony (Kaoru Star) 
1996-97  Encounter 2yoC  Tierce - Fancy Babe (Sharpen Up) 
1995-96  Merlene 2yoF  Danehill - Bold Promice (Luskin Star) 
1994-95  Octagonal 2yoC  Zabeel - Eight Carat (Pieces Of Eight) 
1994-94  St Covet 2yoC  Covertous - Top Up (Sound Reason) 

Champion Three-year-old
2005-06  Racing To Win  3yoG  Encosta De Lago - Surrealist (Kenny's Best Pal) 
2004-05*  Alinghi  3yoF  Encosta De Lage - Oceanfast (Royal Academy) 
 Fastnet Rock  3yoC  Danehill - Piccadily Circus (Royal Academy) 
2003-04  Starcraft  3yoC  Soviet Star - Flying Floozie (Pompeii Court) 
2002-03  Helenus 3yoC  Helissio - Worldwide Elsie  
2001-02  Lonhro 3yoC  Octagonal - Shadea (Straight Strike) 
2000-01  Universal Prince 3yoC  Scenic - Biscay Bird (Straight Strike) 
1999-00  Fairway 3yoG  Danzero - Our Caddy (Cocky Golfer) 
1998-99  Grand Archway 3yoF  Archway - Mean Eyes (Al Ameen) 
1997-98  Gold Guru 3yoG  Geiger Counter - Proud Halo (Don't Say Halo) 
1996-97  Mouawad 3yoC  Zabeel - Eight Carat (Pieces Of Eight) 
1995-96  Octagonal 3yoC  Zabeel - Eight Carat (Pieces Of Eight) 
1994-95  Danewin 3yoC  Zabeel - Cotehele House (My Swanee) 
1993-94  Mahogany 3yoG  Last tycoon - Alshandegha (Alydar) 
* The 3yo award for the first time is split according to sex.

Champion Sprinter
2005-06  Takeover Target  6yoG  Celtic Swing - Shady Stream (Archregent) 
2004-05  Fastnet Rock  3yoC  Danehill - Piccadilly Circus (Royal Academy) 
2003-04  Exceed And Excel  3yoC Danehill - Patrona (Lomond) 
2002-03  Yell  3yoG  Anabaa - Vocalist (Bluebird) 
2001-02  Falvelon  5yoH  Alannon - Devil's Zephyr (Zephyr Zing)  
2000-01  Falvelon  4yoH  Alannon - Devil's Zephyr (Zephyr Zing)  
1999-00  Testa Rossa  3yoC  Perugino - Bo Dapper (Sir Dapper) 
1998-99  Isca  3yoF  Rory's Jester - My First Star (Caerleon) 

Middle-Distance Performer
2005-06  Makybe Diva  7yoM   Desert King - Tugela (Riverman) 
2004-05  Grand Armee  6yoG  Hennessy - Tambour (Marauding) 
2003-04  Lonhro  5yoH  Octagonal - Shadea (Straight Strike) 
2002-03  Northerly  6yoG  Serheed - North Bell (Bellwater) 
2001-02  Northerly  5yoG  Serheed - North Bell (Bellwater) 
2000-01  Sunline  5yoM  Desert Sun - Songline (Western Symphony) 
1999-00  Sunline  4yoM  Desert Sun - Songline (Western Symphony) 

Champion Stayer
2005-06  Makybe Diva  7yoM  Desert King - Tugela (Riverman) 
2004-05  Makybe Diva  6yoM  Desert King - Tugela (Riverman) 
2003-04  Makybe Diva  5yoM  Desert King - Tugela (Riverman))  
2002-03  Media Puzzle  6yoG   Theatrical - Market Slide (Gulch) 
2001-02  Ethereal  4yoM  Rhythm - Romanee Court (Sir Tristram) 
2000-01  Brew  6yoG  Sir Tristram - Horlicks (Three Legs) 
1999-00  Tie The Knot  5yoG  Nassipur - Whisked (Whiskey Road) 

Champion Filly or Mare
2005-06  Not Awarded   
2004-05  Not Awarded   
2003-04  Private Steer  4yoM  Danehill Dancer - Lisheenowen (Semipalatinsk)) 
2002-03  Not Awarded   
2001-02  Sunline  6yoM  Desert Sun - Songline (Western Symphony) 
2000-01  Sunline  5yoM  Desert Sun - Songline (Western Symphony) 
1999-00  Sunline  4yoM  Desert Sun - Songline (Western Symphony) 
1998-99  Grand Archway  3yoF  Archway - Mean Eyes (Al Ameen) 
1997-98  Dane Ripper  4yoM  Danehill - Red Express (Sovereign Red) 
1996-97  Arctic Scent  4yoM  Blazing Sword - Polar Rose (Avatar) 
1995-96  Electronic  5yoM  First Norman - Aegean Blue (Blue Vermillion) 
1994-95  Starstruck  5yoM  Haulpak - Colour Me Red (General Assembly) 
1993-94  Flitter  4yoM  Bluebird - Kiwi Magic (Vice Regal) 
NB: Award changed in 1998-9 from mares only to include fillies and mares.

Champion Jumper
2005-06  Karasi  10yoG  Kahyasi - Karamita (Shantung) 
2004-05  Karasi  9yoG  Kahyasi - Karamita (Shantung) 
2003-04  Topzoff  7yoG  Zoffany - What A Honey (Marceau) 
2002-03  Specular  6yoG  Danehill - Spyglass (Sir Sian) 
2000-01  St Steven  6yoG  Hula Town - Gabby (In The Purple) 
2001-02  St Steven  7yoG  Hula Town - Gabby (In The Purple 
1999-00  Leading Bounty  9YOG  Lanfranco - Follow My Leader (Mr. Leader) 
1998-99  Marlborough  6yoG  Blue Moon - Queenborough (Emborough) 
1997-98  Moon Chase  9YOG  Crazy Moon - Sazzy Chassis (Sassafras) 
1996-97  Palace Symphony  7yoG  Palace Music - Belle Epoque (Blushing Groom) 
1995-96  The Shu  6yoG  Toms's Shu - Topic (Abridge Member) 
1994-95  Cold Reason  5yoG  Ten Below - Cerreto Girl (Cerreto) 
1993-94  Tennessee Blue  5yoG  Semipalatinsk - Delicious Blue (Rascolink) 

Champion Group One Trainer
G1 Wins
2005-06  Lee Freedman  8 
2004-05  Gai Waterhouse  11 
2003-04  John Hawkes  9 
2002-03  John Hawkes  12 
2001-02  Gai Waterhouse  4 

Champion Group One Jockey
G1 Wins
2005-06  Glen Boss  10 
2004-05  Glen Boss  9 
2003-04  Glen Boss  10 
2002-03  Darren Beadman  6 
2001-02  Damien Oliver  9  

Radio Personality
2003-04  Glen Boss 
2002-03  Damien Oliver 
2001-02  Sheila Laxon 

International Performer
Breeding (Sire Of Dam)
2005-06  Takeover Target  Celtic Swing - Shady Stream (Archregent) 
2004-05  Elvstroem  Danehill - Circles Of Gold (Marscay) 
2003-04  not awarded  
2002-03  Choisir  Danehill Dancer - Great Selection (Lunchtime) 
2001-02  Falvelon  Alannon - Devil's Zephyr (Zeohyr Zing) 
With the help of other racing enthusiasts and racing bodies it is our intention to collate as much material and information on past champions and participants as possible to make the area a valuable racing resource and reference for all involved in our great industry.

If you have intersting information you think should be made available then please email Gary.

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